William Patino - Handheld Slow Shutterspeed Photography Masterclass

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William Patino - Handheld Slow Shutterspeed Photography Masterclass
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Ditch the tripod and work magic in your Landscape Photography.

Using a tripod can be great but I find it more exciting and inspiring to shoot handheld. This course will teach you my approach to shooting handheld, even at low shutter speeds, to help you create more impactful shots that you could never achieve otherwise. Join me in the field and back in the studio and learn my entire process for creating luscious slow shutter speed images.

Ive always wondered how to create this kind of image. AND, I hate carrying a tripod. This was the exact inspiration and teaching I needed to hit one of my major photography goals. Thanks, Will!!!!

Williams approach here really helped me open my eyes to a new area of photography. The shooting and editing tricks have become a priceless asset in my photography. Highly recommend this course to all landscape photogs!

This is such a useful course. I learned a lot about simplifying my entire process. I wish I had this information sooner. I may have saved myself a few thousand dollars in equipment!

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