Algorithmic Trading Course: London, New York & Tokyo System

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Algorithmic Trading Course: London, New York & Tokyo System
Algorithmic Trading Course: London, New York & Tokyo System
Last updated 10/2021
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Create Forex Expert Advisors for the Different Stock Exchange Markets, and Trade the Best Ones
What you'll learn
Trade with Expert Advisors(robots) during the three most volatile markets during the day
You will know how to trade fully automatically, without any traders' interfere needed
Learn to use a professional Forex strategy builder to create Forex Expert Advisors
Manage a portfolio of different Forex Expert Advisors in one trading account
You will know how to select which currency pairs to trade
Create strategies that will be trading only during the volatile hours during the day
You will know how to avoid the time difference and trade during the exact hours
Learn to spend less time in front of the screen following fundamental staff
Anyone who is interested in algorithmic trading
No previous experience is needed, just a strong desire to learn
PC, laptop, a notebook with Meta Trader and a good internet connection
10-15 min time per day to follow the performance of the Forex Expert Advisors
Are you looking for a method to catch the volatility in the Forex market?In this Algorithmic trading course, Petko Aleksandrov - Head Mentor and Trader at Trading Academy will teach you how to trade with Forex Expert Advisors during the most volatile trading hours, the London, New York, and Tokyo stock exchanges.The strategies are trading from the moment these exchanges open until the last bell rings. This way, the Forex Expert Advisors are quickly taking profits using the volatility on the Forex market during these hours.What will you learn in this Algorithmic trading course?the basic specification of the trading platforms and the brokershow to select the currency pairs to trade to have equal exposureyou will know how properly to use the Historical data of your brokerautomate strategies into Forex Expert Advisors without programming skillsgenerate strategies for the Stock Exchange hours over the Historical datamethods to select the strategies that you want to use as Expert Advisorshow to place the ready Expert Advisors on Meta Trader and trade automaticallymake a proper beck test and compare the results of the strategieshow to separate the Expert Advisors that show best profits into another(live) accountIn this Algorithmic trading course, Petko says:"The most common mistake done by traders is that they buy Forex Expert Advisors, with a fantastic backtest, but these strategies, start to lose. The reason is simple - they were created over different Historical Data."The main idea behind the coursePetko creates many strategies and tests them on a Demo account. Only those that are profitable at the CURRENT market conditions, he places on a separate live/demo account. Every strategy/Expert Advisor has its losing periods, and that is normal. In this Algorithmic trading course, you will learn how to trade the Forex Expert Advisors only when they are profiting.If any of the strategies start to lose, Petko replaces another one that makes a better profit. It is all about properly managing the two accounts and following exact statistics, which he will show you in this Algorithmic trading course.The most important is to do the whole process over the Historical data(the Price Quotes) from the broker, where these Forex Expert Advisors will be used.During the course, the trader will demonstrate the complete method he uses. He will show you the generation of the strategies with a Forex Expert Advisors builder called EA Studio. With the help of this builder, he succeeds in generating thousands of strategies for hours, selects the best ones, and tests them on a Demo account. You may sign up for a free trial version and practice the process if you wish.The Expert Advisors are coded for the Meta Trader platform, the most common platform for algorithmic trading, and it is free. Contents and OverviewThis course aims at teaching beginners and advanced traders. The techniques that you will learn during the course will give you another perspective of trading. You will see the potential of trading Forex Expert Advisors during volatile trading hours.You will start with the basics of setting up your Meta Trader platform(the only trusted platform for algorithmic trading). MT is a free platform provided by nearly all brokers. If you are a newbie trader, you will get familiar with all the trading specifications that you need to know before starting trading.You will learn how to prepare your trading environment and make the settings in the strategy builder to generate Expert Advisors trading only during the Stock Exchanges hours.So you can trade profitably, Petko Aleksandrov will demonstrate trading with ready Expert Advisors, no promises, just pure demonstration.Your confidence as an algorithmic trader will rise by the end of the course, and you will have a tested trading system.Who is the mentor? Petko Aleksandrov is an experienced trader in the Forex market. He has studied trading in London, the United Kingdom, where he has achieved a deeper understanding of the Forex Market. He was invited to stay in as a Mentor, but Petko decided to move on his own because he was looking for the more natural way to trade on the market - algorithmic trading. In 2016 he established Trading Academy, where he teaches algorithmic trading in online classes. From 2017 to 2018, he had more than 12 000 traders joining his courses.Also, he has worked for a couple of financial institutions and Forex brokers, where he learned the specifications on the other side of the trading platform, which helped him improve his trading methods.In this Algorithmic trading course, you will see realistic results from trading with the created Forex Expert Advisors, and you will decide for yourself if that is enough or not.If for some reason, you decide that this is not your trading system, you can always use the 30-day money-back guarantee.Together with all his other courses, you will receive full support personally from Petko Aleksandrov.Enroll now, and learn to catch the volatility on the market using Expert Advisors.Enjoy the course!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Disclaimer
Lecture 3 In this course you will be able to
Section 2: Introduction for the new traders
Lecture 4 Meta Trader platform and the brokers
Lecture 5 Trading specifications
Section 3: The trading system
Lecture 6 Which pairs do I trade and why
Lecture 7 How to export historical data
Lecture 8 Creating strategies for London
Lecture 9 Selecting strategies for London
Lecture 10 Creating strategies for New York
Lecture 11 Selecting strategies for New York
Lecture 12 Creating strategies for Tokyo
Lecture 13 Selecting strategies for Tokyo
Section 4: Trading with the Expert Advisors
Lecture 14 How to place the Expert Advisors on MetaTrader
Lecture 15 Strategy tester and results
Lecture 16 How to place the best EAs into a separate account
Section 5: Conclusion: How to trade the best EAs
Lecture 17 How to maintain the Top Expert Advisors in the separate account
Lecture 18 Conclusion
Lecture 19 BONUS Lecture
Anyone who wants to do algorithmic trading with Forex Expert Advisors,Every trader who wants to create his own strategies and Forex Expert Advisors,Anyone who wants to spend less time in front of the screen,Traders who desire stable additional income



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