U.S. Residential Real Estate & Mortgage Business

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U.S. Residential Real Estate & Mortgage Business
U.S. Residential Real Estate & Mortgage Business
Last updated 5/2022
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The top-rated, 7+ hour deep-dive course into the U.S. residential real estate & mortgage business, and credit analysis.
What you'll learn
To describe the real estate mortgage market, including how and why people finance properties with mortgages.
To understand the size and scope of the U.S. residential mortgage market.
To describe the key players in the mortgage industry, the functions and roles they have, and identify the phases of the mortgage life cycle.
To discuss current and historic mortgage regulation.
To identify key mortgage types and describe the audience and markets for each.
To list and discuss property types, and demonstrate the risks of each.
To describe the importance of mortgage loans, including their terms and conditions, as well as the full meaning of each.
To explain the full consumer mortgage underwriting lifecycle from the consumer, originator, underwriter and financier POVs, and each step along the way.
To explain the mortgage life cycle from both the consumer's and the lender's point of view.
To conduct a borrower income analysis, read and understand credit history and reports, and evaluate the credit worthiness of a borrower.
Section 2: U.S. Residential Mortgage Analysis: Bringing It All Together
Lecture 15 Introduction to U.S. Residential Mortgage Analysis: Bringing It All Together
Lecture 16 Financial, Credit and Loan Analysis
Lecture 17 Income Analysis of Borrower
Lecture 18 Understanding Credit History and Reports
Lecture 19 Credit Report Analysis
Lecture 20 Mortgage Metrics and Decisioning
Lecture 21 Appraisal and Asset Valuation
Lecture 22 Appraisal Detail and Walk-Through
Lecture 23 Title and Title Insurance
Section 3: Loan Management, Servicing and Securitization
Lecture 24 Introduction to Loan Management, Servicing and Securitization
Lecture 25 Loan Servicing
Lecture 26 Securitization Demystified
Lecture 27 Securitization for the Issuer and Investor
Lecture 28 Life Cycle of Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)
Lecture 29 Rating Agency Involvement in MBS
Section 4: Closing Remarks
Lecture 30 Last comments on this course and how to make it (and education) work for you.
All levels of audience are encouraged to participate in this course.




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