The Data Stewardship Crash Course

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The Data Stewardship Crash Course
The Data Stewardship Crash Course
Published 8/2022
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Series 1
What you'll learn
Gain a clear understanding about Data Stewardship
Gain a clear understanding of the Data Stewardship's role in Data Governance
Gain a clear understanding of how a Data Governance Program Office is structured
Gain a clear understanding on the key components and responsibilities of the Data Governance Program Office
Gain a clear understanding of the importance of Data Stewardship in the organization
This course does not require any prerequisites
Welcome to the Data Stewardship crash course series. This course is the first of several series and we are going to cover the key aspects of data governance and data stewardship, starting with definitions and moving on to a Data Governance Program Office framework/setup.When working with data, there are numerous challenges that need to be overcome, including the fact that Data does not explain itself and someone is needed to ensure that data is not just explained, but maintained. Someone must interpret the data, including what it means, how to use it correctly, and how to determine whether the data is of good quality or not.Data is shared and used by many people for a variety of purposes. So, finding ownership and accountability for the data can be a challenge, in particular when the data is inaccurate.This course will give you the needed knowledge regarding data, its importance, and how to manage it.To ensure the best learning experience, each lesson is accompanied by a quiz to help ensure that the most important topics are really understood and learned.This course series is open to students within all levels of knowledge of Data Governance, from total beginner to advanced. This particular course series is more of an introduction to the topic, but we believe that even for an advanced data practitioner, the course brings value. The subsequent series will touch more advanced topics which may be of more interest for advanced level data practitioners, but taking all the series will ensure no gaps in knowledge.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Introduction to Data Governance and Data Stewardship
Lecture 2 The Data Dilemma
Section 3: What is Data Governance?
Lecture 3 What is Data Governance?
Section 4: Guidelines for Driving Data Governance
Lecture 4 Guidelines for Driving Data Governance
Section 5: What Is Data Stewardship?
Lecture 5 What is Data Stewardship?
Section 6: Data Stewardship Objectives
Lecture 6 Data Stewardship Objectives
Section 7: Getting to a Governed State
Lecture 7 Getting to a Governed State
Section 8: The Three P's: Policies, Processes, and Procedures
Lecture 8 The three P's
Section 9: Data Governance and Data Stewardship
Lecture 9 Data Governance and Data Stewardship
Section 10: Summary
Lecture 10 Summary
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