Power Pages For Beginners

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Power Pages For Beginners
Published 11/2023
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The ultimate step-by-step Power Pages (Portals) course for beginners
What you'll learn
How to perform the initial setup, this includes deployment, SharePoint configuration and custom domain configuration.
How to create web pages and add content such as forms, images, custom content blocks, surveys and much more
How to create and integrate Dataverse forms with a Portal
How to expose data from the Dataverse on Portal web pages
How to create staged process user forms that includes multiple data tables.
How to configure web page and data access using web roles and entity permissions.
Working with the Portal (Power Pages) Management app
Deploying & Transferring portals from one environment to another
No programming experience needed. The course is designed for beginners.
A basic understanding of Power Apps would be advantageous
You will need a Power Pages and Microsoft E3 trial to complete the exercises.
Basic knowledge of PowerApps or Dynamics 365 will be advantageous.
Welcome to Power Pages for Beginners, the ultimate course for those looking to master the fundamentals of building custom pages with PowerApps! In this course, you'll learn how to create visually stunning and functional pages using Power Pages, a cutting-edge tool that streamlines page development and empowers you to create beautiful custom pages without any coding. Our approach makes it easy to learn, no matter what your skill level is. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced developer, this course will provide you with everything you need to take your skills to the next level.With a step-by-step approach and a curriculum that covers everything from the basics to advanced features, you'll be able to create visually stunning and functional pages with ease. The course starts off with the beginner series where we cover Power Pages, PowerApps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents. We then progress to the advanced series where you will learn the basics of Web Development which covers HTML, CSS, jаvascript, jQuery, Bootstrap and Liquid Templates. By the end of this course, you'll have a deep understanding of Power Pages and be able to create beautiful, functional custom pages with ease. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from the basics of PowerApps to the advanced features of Power Pages. With over[insert number of students] satisfied students and[insert course rating] rating, you can trust that our course is tried and tested, and proven to deliver results. So, enrol now and start creating stunning custom pages that will set you apart from the rest!
Section 1: Introduction to Power Pages
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Course overview
Lecture 3 Course prerequisites
Lecture 4 What is Power Pages?
Lecture 5 Power Pages licensing model
Lecture 6 How to request help during the course
Lecture 7 Portal Management Vs Power Pages Management
Lecture 8 Important Links
Section 2: Overview of the Portal Management App
Lecture 9 Introduction to the Portal Management Application
Lecture 10 Introduction to Website Settings
Lecture 11 Introduction to Web Content
Lecture 12 Introduction to Security
Lecture 13 Introduction to Ads
Lecture 14 Introduction to Polls
Lecture 15 Introduction to Administration
Section 3: Overview of the Design Studio
Lecture 16 Introduction
Lecture 17 Setup a training environment
Lecture 18 Setup your training website
Lecture 19 Introduction to Pages
Lecture 20 Understanding style and theme options
Lecture 21 Introduction to Data Settings
Lecture 22 Overview of Page Setup and Settings
Lecture 23 Introduction to Flows (backend automation)
Section 4: Getting started with the OOTB functions
Lecture 24 Introduction
Lecture 25 Understanding Local Authentication
Lecture 26 Understanding Authentication using Azure AD
Lecture 27 Overview of the user profile page
Lecture 28 Customising the user Profile Page
Section 5: Project - Creating an Integrated Contact Us page
Lecture 29 Your first basic project - Contact Us
Lecture 30 Demo of the completed solution
Lecture 31 Remove the default Contact Us feature
Lecture 32 Creating a Publisher & Solution
Lecture 33 Create the Contact Us table
Lecture 34 Configure Contact Us Forms & Views
Lecture 35 Create a basic Model-driven app to receive Contact Requests
Lecture 36 Create the Contact Us web page
Lecture 37 Configure security - Force a user to register in order to submit a request
Section 6: Project - Customer Support Ticket Solution
Lecture 38 Project Introduction
Lecture 39 Demo of the Completed Solution
Lecture 40 Review the Technical Design
Lecture 41 Create Customer Service Solution
Lecture 42 Create and configure the Case Table
Lecture 43 Create and configure the Message Table
Lecture 44 Update the Admin App to include the Case Table
Lecture 45 Configure the Help webpage, permissions and view
Lecture 46 Enable the user to switch Views, and create new Cases
Lecture 47 Configure message create, subgrid and table permissions
Lecture 48 Create Sales and Accounts teams
Lecture 49 Automatically assign a Case to a team
Lecture 50 Create Child Flow for sending emails
Lecture 51 Send Case Update Notification
Lecture 52 Send Notification for Case Resolution
Lecture 53 Send Notification for a New Message
Lecture 54 Bonus Lecture - Creating an interactive Dashboard
Section 7: Project - Online Credit Application Solution
Lecture 55 Introduction
Lecture 56 Demo of the completed solution
Lecture 57 Overview of the solution design
Lecture 58 Configure the Credit Application Solution
Lecture 59 Set up the required tables
Lecture 60 Create the columns required for the Credit Application Table
Lecture 61 Create the required columns for the Expense Table
Lecture 62 Configure the views for the Credit Applications
Lecture 63 Configure the Credit Application Forms
Lecture 64 Configure the Expense Table Views
Lecture 65 Configure the Expense Table Forms
Lecture 66 Update the Admin App to include the Credit Application
Lecture 67 Create a call-to-action on the home page
Lecture 68 Create the Loans webpage and configure the list.
Lecture 69 Configure the multistep form
Lecture 70 Configure a button to initiate the application process
Lecture 71 Completing the multistep form settings
Lecture 72 Using content snippets to display custom attributes
Lecture 73 Using jаvascript to calculate the Loan installments
Lecture 74 Configure Step 3 of the application process
Section 8: Power Pages Deployment
Lecture 75 Introduction
Lecture 76 Older Version Portal Deployment
Lecture 77 Power Pages (enhanced data model) Deployment
Section 9: Check your knowledge
PowerApps app makers wanting to expand their experience with Power Pages (Portals),Beginner PowerApps users wanting to understand the possibilities with Power Pages (Portals),Beginner PowerApps users wanting to gain deeper insights into Power Pages (Portals),Learn how to create a customer-facing front-end.,Learn how to create a customer self-service portal / website,Business users wanting to understand how Power Pages can be used to connect with their customers.



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