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MAGIX Video Pro X13 v19.0.1.117 Multilingual

mitsumi Software 03 Aug 2021, 06:53 0
MAGIX  Video Pro X13 v19.0.1.117 Multilingual

Windows x64 | File size: 857.48 MB

Video Pro X makes professional video production accessible for everyone. With its clearly structured interface and intuitive functions, getting started with Video Pro X is much easier than with other professional editing software. Video Pro X also delivers cutting-edge technology for video editing with a new INFUSION Engine 3 that ensures smooth playback and cutting in real time, even for high-resolution 8K UltraHD recordings.

Gravit Designer 3.5.64

mitsumi Software 03 Aug 2021, 06:52 0
Gravit  Designer 3.5.64

File Size : 155.8 Mb

Gravit Designer is a cross-platform, free vector design tool for the 21st century empowering everyone to design. Gravit engine is full coded in jаvascript and Web GL, making a perfect union for performance and quality standards. Gravit comes with all 2d vector design standards, like boolean operations, symbols, pages and way more. Logic and Interface are separated for fast and safe development that will fit any use case without headaches. The pioneer on web vector graphics design engines that support all industry standards. The first engine that fully supports cmyk rendering in browser that is perfectly fit for the print industry. With PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG and sketch importing/exporting formats, Gravit is one of most compatible engines in the world.

GeoGebra 6.0.657.0 Multilingual

mitsumi Software 03 Aug 2021, 06:51 0
GeoGebra  6.0.657.0 Multilingual

File size: 94 MB

GeoGebra is an open-source utility built specifically for helping users design mathematical objects of several types used for calculus, algebra and geometry. Since this is a Java-based application, you should make sure you have previously installed the working environment on the computer.

Eon Timer 2.8.14 macOS

mitsumi Software 03 Aug 2021, 06:50 0
Eon  Timer 2.8.14 macOS

File size: 14.13 MB

Keeping track of time that you spend on a project is the basis of every business. Eon can not only track the time, but it synchronizes with over 40 different online services.

EMCO UnLock IT 6.0.0 Build 1250

mitsumi Software 03 Aug 2021, 06:49 0
EMCO  UnLock IT 6.0.0 Build 1250

File Size : 65.4 Mb

UnLock IT is an intuitive application that will offer users the possibility to unlock the files or folders that have been locked by external programs or system processes.It can help you every time when you get an Access Denied error while trying to change, rename or delete files or folders, because they are locked.


AD-TEAM Games 03 Aug 2021, 06:48 0


GRIME-CODEX | Size :2.76 GB
Game Title :GRIME
Date Release:2 Aug, 2021
Developer :Clover Bite
Editor : Akupara Games
Genre : :Action, Indie, RPG
Language :English, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian

Miriel Saga-PLAZA

AD-TEAM Games 03 Aug 2021, 06:47 0

Miriel Saga-PLAZA

Miriel Saga-PLAZA | Size :5.87 GB
Game Title :Miriel Saga
Date Release:19 Oct, 2019
Developer :NG+ Studios
Editor : NG+ Studios
Genre : :Adventure, Indie, RPG
Language :English