Forex Trading On London, New York & Tokyo + Unique Indicator

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Forex Trading On London, New York & Tokyo + Unique Indicator
Forex Trading On London, New York & Tokyo + Unique Indicator
Last updated 10/2021
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Forex Trading Course for Beginenrs and Day Traders: Learn Day Trading Using a Great Forex Indicator
What you'll learn
Forex trading with a profitable Forex system and fantastic indicator
Prepare the trading screen and the trading environment for Forex trading
Learn to recognize which currency pair is the best choice to trade at every moment
Execute the trades at the right moment every day, for the right currency pair
Trade simple and take the profits in the right moment before they are gone
Manage the opened positions in order to take the maximum move during the day
Place the Stop Loss on the exact place, and the proper way to move it
Improve your Forex trading daily by using professional trade sheet(included)
PC, laptop, a tablet with installed MetaТrader platform
Any Forex platform that can split windows would work
No previous experience in Forex trading is needed
The desire to practice and trade daily on the Forex market
Forex trading is the thing you are looking for to do in your free time? Is "profit" the first word that comes to mind? Or "income"?To be a successful trader, you need to have a stable system for Day trading!In this Forex trading course, you will learn one of the best and secure trading systems that we use in Trading Academy to trade on the Forex market during each Stock trading session. Also, we will provide you with a fantastic Forex indicator that will change your trading.We base this Forex trading course on the overnight range (Asian session if you are in Europe) and the moment the London market opens.If you are in a different time zone, consider overnight range from 12:00 midnight until the closest market to your timezone opens. Example:If you live in the US - consider the overnight range from 00:00 till 9:30(NY opening).While there are plenty of theory courses, this Forex trading course is practical and different because of the Unique Forex indicator that shows us which is the strongest and the weakest currency at each moment. This way, you will always know the best pair to trade.What will you learn in this Forex trading course:prepare your Day trading screen and trading environmentchoose the right currency pair to trade during the opening of the Markettake the most of the Unique Forex indicator that you will receiveset up for the trading strategy and prepare for Forex tradingwhere precisely to place your Stop Loss to protect your trade and capitalhow to move the SL to eliminate huge losseswhen to Break Even(for the new traders: take zero losses)how to fill a professional trade sheet(included in the Forex strategy course) to improve your Forex tradingMore, you will see consecutive days of trading with live examples, videos, and pictures and see how exactly we open, manage, and close the trades. Many instructors select examples only with profitable trades. A good trader can handle the negative trades and limit the losses. This is exactly what you will learn in this Forex trading course. Forex trading is most volatile when the Stock exchange market opens, and we take advantage of these movements. We focus on the best pair to trade during the day and earn quick profits.This Forex trading course will benefit you if you already have a profitable strategy because you will learn how to choose which pair to trade at each moment during the trading day. Contents and OverviewThis Day trading course aims to teach traders how to catch the most volatile hours during the trading day. Every trader looks for the enormous moves, just as the surfer looks for the enormous waves.You will start with the basics of the trading screen, how you need to arrange it, and what you will need to prepare your trading environment.You will learn how to use a fantastic Forex indicator that will change your trading forever. At every moment, it will show you which currency pair to trade and in which direction. More, it shows the most volatile currency pair at any moment.So you can trade profitably. You will see many examples of the trading system, which is the easiest way to learn the system from this Forex trading course. Our Head Mentor Petko Aleksandrov will demonstrate in the course different situations with positive and negative trades. It is easy when the price goes in our favor, but it is harder when it turns against us. You will learn how to manage the trades in such situations.By the end of this Forex trading course, you will receive a professional trade sheet that will help you monitor your trading with time. You will use it to record each trade, and at the end of the week, you will be able to see what mistakes you have made. A good trader does not repeat the same mistakes.Who is the instructorPetko Aleksandrov is a professional trader with over 10 years of experience in Forex Day trading. He has worked for financial institutions mastering trading. Now he shares all his trading systems in more than 20 online Forex trading courses.After the university, Petko works for brokers, where he learned how the trading platform works behind the screen. After that, he studied trading in London, where he was invited to stay as a mentor. He preferred to continue on his own as the most comfortable way nowadays is to teach people online trading courses. He established the first Forex trading academy in his own country Bulgaria, but just a year later, he had more than 10 000 students worldwide.Once enrolled in the Forex trading course, you will receive personal support from Petko Aleksandrov. He responses to all questions and messages.Our guarantee: If you are not happy with the course, you can always use the 30-day money-back guarantee and choose another Forex trading course.We can't wait to see you on the course!Enroll now, and we will do our best to make you a much better trader!........................................Some of our students said the following for this Forex Trading Course:Jose Cortes Llobat - This course describes very in detail a trading system that can be understand it by any person that is interested on start in Forex trading. Petko explains all the rules that must be followed for the given trading strategy. Some trade examples are also shown and explained including a non-profitable one what makes more trustworthy the course. I enjoy a lot attending this course that gave me a trading system that I can play with to learn by myself in order to get more experience on Forex market. Thanks.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to the Forex trading course
Lecture 2 In this course you will be able to
Section 2: Disclaimer
Lecture 3 Disclaimer
Section 3: Set up the screen for your time zone
Lecture 4 Forex Trading screen
Section 4: The right currency pair to trade
Lecture 5 The right currency pair to trade
Section 5: The unique indicator
Lecture 6 The unique indicator
Section 6: System Set up
Lecture 7 System Set up
Section 7: Where do we place the SL - live example
Lecture 8 Where do we place the SL
Section 8: Where do we Take the Profit - live example
Lecture 9 Where do we take the profit
Section 9: How do we move the SL - live example
Lecture 10 How do we move the SL
Section 10: Break even - live example
Lecture 11 Break even
Section 11: 3th day of live examples
Lecture 12 3th day with live Forex trading examples
Section 12: Bad Trade - live example
Lecture 13 Bad trade
Section 13: Good trade - live example
Lecture 14 Good trade
Section 14: Two days of examples in one video
Lecture 15 Two days of examples in one video
Section 15: Conclusion: Professional tools and sheets
Lecture 16 Practical activity:Professional trade sheet for traders - Update
Lecture 17 BONUS Lecture
Everybody who wants to learn a profitable Forex system and spend a few hours per day in front of the screen,The Forex trading course is suitable for beginners and Professional Forex traders,Everybody who is trading with a positive mindset and desire to take profits,People who are looking for additional or primary income from trading on the Forex market



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