Forex Trading Education: Learn From A To Z With Pro Trader

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Forex Trading Education: Learn From A To Z With Pro Trader
Forex Trading Education: Learn From A To Z With Pro Trader
Last updated 10/2021
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Learn to Trade on the Forex Market with the Best Currency Pair at Every Moment, and Take Quick Profits as a Pro
What you'll learn
Precise strategy to trade whenever you sit in front of the trading screen
Gain practical Forex trading education in an online course
Learn how to trade with the best currency pair at a given moment
Manage to put quick profits in your pocket
Step by step guidance on when and how to open the first trades
Learn how to manage the trades in order to take maximum profits
Examine 9 different examples, and learn to trade лике a professional
Follow exact strategy and learn to avoid emotions from the beginning
The course is basic - no previous knowledge in trading is needed
The strategy is flexible - you can trade whenever you have time
The Forex trading education is online - learn whenever you are free
А personal computer or a mobile device with a stable internet connection
Are you looking to trade on the Forex market in your free time? If yes, then you should have a look at this course.This online Forex trading course will teach you how to trade on the market with a unique and simple strategy that can be used anytime during the day, whether you are a beginner or advanced trader.Forex trading education is a course created by Petko Aleksandrov, the Head Mentor in Trading Academy. This course is for people who are just stepping into trading, who want to get а stable basic knowledge and learn a profitable system for trading.While there are plenty of theoretical Forex courses, it is hard to find a comprehensive practical system like this one. Forex trading education will be supported by many examples of trading, which will make it easier to apply.What will you learn in the course?What is to be a Forex trader and how to prepare your trading environmentHow to choose a legit broker, and how to avoid the scam brokersWhat is CFD trading, and all trading specificationsDifferent chart types, time frames, and chart detailsYou will know what pips, points, and digits areLearn how to choose which currency pair to trade at each momentSet up probably the trading strategy demonstrated in the courseExamine live examples and practice while watchingProper money management, as a critical point to stable resultsContent and OverviewThe mentor will start with the basic steps that every trader must follow to install the platform properly, select the broker, and set up the screen. This is very important, and many traders are losing because they miss all the necessary Forex trading skills and choose the wrong broker or platform.You will learn how to look for the currency pairs at every moment by getting a Unique indicator from the course, which will help you with the choice. This indicator will show you which is the strongest and which is the weakest currency at each moment. This way, you will have the best opportunity of a currency pair all the time.The indicators on the chart will give you the exact moment to enter into the trade and the correct time to take the profit. Most traders are greedy for more profits, and they wait too long until the profit is gone, and they close the trade, satisfied with zero...So you can trade comfortably, you will see many examples of the trading system, with different situations. You will see negative and profitable trades, so you will be confident in managing the trades in every case.By the end of this Forex trading education, your knowledge in trading will be enough to start trading on the live market. Of course, you should always practice first on a virtual account(Demo account). This way, you will not risk any capital.The trading system is suitable for people who are working and looking for additional income. The strategy can be used whenever the trader is in front of the screen. It is a quick scalping system, and the trades last between a couple of minutes, up to one hour. This means that you can sit in front of the computer and trade with it whenever you have free time.A very safe and proper money management system will be shown in the last lecture. This is a critical point in trading. Many lose because they risk a massive percentage of their trading capital, especially after a few profitable trades.Petko Aleksandrov says:"It is not important how much money you start trading with, but what percentage from your trading account you are willing to risk."Forex trading education is a bit conservative regarding money management because the trader wants to protect his students from losses. More than 90% of traders are losing, and they fail because they risk vast amounts from their trading accounts.The course is focused only on practical Forex trading education and not on dry theory." Most methods available online are there to make traders lose, and brokers profit," says the mentor in his lessons. Also, many examples will be shown, so the strategy will become apparent to each student who enrolls in the course.Who is the instructor?Petko Aleksandrov is a professional trader with many years of experience. After his Master's Degree in Finance, he graduated from The London Academy of trading. He was invited to stay in as a mentor, but he decided to move on his own and two years later established Trading Academy. Every year, over 10 000 students join his courses.Petko teaches his traders that they should not succumb to emotions or hope that the price will go in the desired direction. In the course, he says: "the price is exactly where it needs to be" Once enrolled in any of his courses, you will receive personal support always within 12 hours.There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can use the option if you decide that this is not the course for you.Enroll now, and Petko Aleksandrov will teach you how to start trading correctly!Enjoy the course!Some reviews for the course from our students:Jose Cortes Llobat-Petko's courses will never disappoint you because you always find new knowledge to learn. He goes through all the basis of forex trading plus provides and explains a manual trading strategy to test with by yourself. The best are the trade examples given at the course because it shows you good and bad trades. He always reminds that the loosing face of a trading strategy happens and needs to be accepted what is the tough part of trading. He explains some options for money management to keep the risk under control. It was really a pleasure to attend this course and fully exceeded my expectations. Thanks.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Disclaimer
Lecture 3 In this course you will be able to
Lecture 4 What is to be a Forex trader
Lecture 5 How to choose a broker
Section 2: The trading platform
Lecture 6 How to install Meta Trader
Lecture 7 Introducton to Meta Trader
Lecture 8 The trading terminal
Lecture 9 CFD trading
Lecture 10 Chart types and time frames
Lecture 11 Pips, points and digits
Section 3: How to choose the best currency pair at each moment?
Lecture 12 How to choose which currency pair to trade
Lecture 13 Useful indicator
Section 4: The trading strategy
Lecture 14 Set up of the strategy
Lecture 15 Where do we enter and exit the trades
Lecture 16 How do we look for the currency pair to trade
Section 5: Trading examples
Lecture 17 Example 1
Lecture 18 Example 2
Lecture 19 Example 3
Lecture 20 Example 4
Lecture 21 Example 5
Lecture 22 Example 6
Lecture 23 Example 7
Lecture 24 Example 8
Section 6: Conclusion: Money management
Lecture 25 Example 9 and the Money management
Lecture 26 BONUS Lecture
Beginner traders that want to learn the basics in practical Forex trading,Traders who are looking to fill in missing skills in Forex trading,Traders who are struggling to find their profitable strategy,This Forex trading education is suitable for advanced traders as well, a scalping strategy is included



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