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25 Must-Have Men'S Wardrobe Pieces - Become A Fashion Icon

mitsumi Ebooks & Tutorials 23 Mar 2023, 13:20 0

25 Must-Have Men'S Wardrobe Pieces - Become A Fashion  Icon

25 Must-Have Men'S Wardrobe Pieces - Become A Fashion Icon
Published 3/2023
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Look Good, Feel Great, Achieve Anything - the Only unofficial course on Udemy taught by the Bespoke Tailor

What you'll learn
The principles of personal style and how to apply them to your wardrobe
How to choose clothing that suits your body type, lifestyle, and personality
The fundamentals of color theory and how to create a color palette that flatters you
Tips for building a sustainable wardrobe and shopping responsibly
How to create versatile outfits for any occasion, from casual to formal
Are you tired of staring at your closet and feeling like you have nothing to wear? Do you want to learn how to build a timeless and versatile wardrobe that will make you look good and feel great? Look no further!In this course, I will cover the 25 must-have pieces every man needs in his wardrobe. From the perfect suit to the essential shoes, we will teach you how to choose high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. You'll also learn how to mix and match these pieces to create a variety of stylish and practical outfits for any occasion.As a bespoke tailor I will share my expert knowledge and experience to help you elevate your style to the next level. But this course is not just about fashion. When you look good, you feel confident, and that confidence can help you achieve anything you want in life. I believe that fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, but the attitude and mindset you embody.So, join me on this journey to become a fashion icon. Learn how to look good, feel great, and achieve anything with the 25 must-have men's wardrobe pieces. Enroll now!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course
Lecture 2 Who is Michael Frackowiak?
Lecture 3 How this course is going to work?
Section 2: Wardrobe's Essential
Lecture 4 Navy Suit
Lecture 5 Blazer/Sports Coat/Suit Jacket
Lecture 6 What Dress Shirts to Buy?
Lecture 7 What three colours of the Dress shirt to buy first?
Lecture 8 Essentiality of the Grey trousers
Lecture 9 How to pull off the knitwear like a Champion?
Lecture 10 Casual Shirts for Casual Outfits
Lecture 11 Where do Chinos fit in?
Lecture 12 How to wear Demin to make the most out of your body type?
Lecture 13 Derby vs. Oxford Shoes
Lecture 14 Can anyone wear white sneakers?
Lecture 15 Overcoats - should you go for a longer coat?
Lecture 16 What other Coat should you have?
Lecture 17 Neckties - what Ties should you go for?
Lecture 18 Never Leave Home without One - Pocket Square
Lecture 19 Belts with Shoes - Microadjustment is the Key
Section 3: What have we learned in this course?
Lecture 20 Start with Decluttering
Young professionals looking to dress for success in the workplace,Students who want to develop a personal style that reflects their personality and values

25 Must-Have Men'S Wardrobe Pieces - Become A Fashion  Icon

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