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Tea Fundamentals I

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Tea Fundamentals I
Published 11/2023
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Brewing Loose Leaf Tea & Different Categories of Tea
What you'll learn
What is Tea?
How Tea Works
The History of Tea
Overview of Tea Categories
No previous knowledge needed.
Welcome to part one of our three-tier Tea Fundamentals course! In this tier, we will cover topics such as an introduction to tea, different types of tea, brewing techniques, and the history of tea. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced tea drinker, this course will provide you with valuable insights into the world of tea. Section 1 will provide an introduction to tea, exploring its definition, categories, and brewing methods. We will delve into the rich history and cultural background of tea, highlighting its importance in shaping human civilization. Section 2 will focus on brewing loose-leaf tea, one of the most traditional ways to consume tea. We will explore the principles of brewing tea, as well as different types of vessels and equipment used in the process. Additionally, we will delve into specific brewing techniques for different types of tea, providing you with hands-on experience. In Section 3, we will delve into the various categories of tea, including green tea, yellow tea, white tea, Wu Long tea, and red tea. We will explore the unique characteristics, flavors, and brewing techniques associated with each category. Additionally, we will delve into the history of specific tea varieties. By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of tea, its different types, brewing techniques, and the cultural significance it holds. Whether you are looking to enhance your tea knowledge or delve deeper into the world of tea, this course will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge.
Section 1: Introduction to Tea
Lecture 1 Introductions
Lecture 2 What is Tea? Flavored Tea, Tisanes, and Camellia Sinensis
Lecture 3 How Tea Works, Human Perception of Taste and What Makes Different Tea Categories
Lecture 4 The History of Tea
Lecture 5 The Tasting Pyramid and a Memory of Taste
Lecture 6 Learning from the Dry Leaves, Tasting Tips
Lecture 7 Brewing Jin Mu Dan
Lecture 8 Consistency as a Quality Factor, History of Jin Mu Dan, and Wu Yi Shan Terroir
Section 2: Brewing Loose Leaf Tea
Lecture 9 Gong Fu Cha (Processing vs Brewing)
Lecture 10 Gong Fu Cha Vessels
Lecture 11 Brewing Principles
Lecture 12 Holding a Gai Wan
Lecture 13 Brewing with Gai Wan: Bai Ye - Dan Cong Wu Long
Lecture 14 Brewing Open Vessel: Gua Pian - Green Tea
Section 3: Introduction to Different Categories of Tea
Lecture 15 Overview of Tea Categories
Lecture 16 Green Tea: Huo Qing
Lecture 17 Yellow Tea: Huang Ya
Lecture 18 White Tea: Bai Mu Dan
Lecture 19 The Subcategories of Wu Long
Lecture 20 Yan Cha: The History of Da Hong Pao
Lecture 21 Yan Cha - Da Hong Pao
Lecture 22 Red Tea: Dian Hong
Lecture 23 Black Tea: Shou Pu
Everyone who is interested in tea, great starting point for beginners but delving deeper into the fundamentals also has a lot to offer for more experienced tea connoiseurs.

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