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Just Go: A Globe-Trotting Guide to Travel Like an Expert

AD-TEAM Ebooks & Tutorials 27 May 2024, 00:35 0

Just Go: A Globe-Trotting Guide to Travel Like an Expert

epub | 73.85 MB | English | Isbn:9781637742709 | Author: Drew Binsky | Year: 2024

About ebook: Just Go: A Globe-Trotting Guide to Travel Like an Expert, Connect Like a Local, and Live the Adventure of a Lifetime

Popular travel YouTuber and content creator Drew Binsky, who has visited every single country, walks readers through the most amazing places in the world and shares everything you need to know to go anywhere you want.

In 2021, Drew Binsky completed his 10-year journey to travel to every country in the world—all 197 of them. Now, for the first time, Drew reveals his craziest stories and best moments, even from places the UN deems the most "dangerous" like Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen.

As you'll discover with Drew as your guide, the world is more accessible than you think—and no matter where we're from, people around the globe have more in common with us than differences.

Just Go offers readers the adventure of a lifetime, presenting not only the tricks Drew himself used in his trips, but also the best-kept secrets from every corner of the world. Just Go is equally a practical handbook for globetrotters and aspiring travelers as it is an intimate and heartwarming celebration of people and cultures all over.

In this fun and friendly guide, Drew will show you how to:

  • Obtain visas for obscure destinations
  • Make fast friends with trustworthy locals
  • Find and enjoy street food like a pro
  • Navigate language barriers
  • Have the greatest adventure of your life

    As one of the few people who traveled the globe in 2020, Drew witnessed and recorded the pandemic response in countries everywhere—and realized how crucial it is for the world to reconnect. In Just Go, filled with photos, stories, and tips Drew has never before shared, you'll find the toolkit and the inspiration to do just that: get out there and go wherever you want!

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