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Sacred Ground - Missouri Vaun

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Sacred Ground - Missouri Vaun

epub | 7.63 MB | English | | Author: Missouri Vaun | Year: 2024

About ebook: Sacred Ground

Demon hunter Jordan Price has a sacred calling she can't escape. But when her target turns out to be an innocent, the truth shakes the foundations of her belief. Betrayed, conflicted, and badly wounded, Jordan retreats to consecrated ground to recover.

Grace Jameson wakes in a shallow grave, terrified and alone. She stumbles toward a light in the thick woods with no memory of how she got there. The light from a cabin window guides her through the darkness until she collapses.

The last thing Jordan needs is a beautiful stranger showing up in the one place she thought was truly safe. She's certain Grace is not who she claims to be, but as the days pass, an overwhelming attraction builds between them. Doubts are vanquished by desire until Jordan discovers Grace's demonic secret. Jordan is honor bound to hunt her, but Grace may be the only thing standing between Jordan and certain death.

Category:Fiction, Romance, LGBT Fiction, Other Romance Categories, Paranormal Romance, Lesbian Romance - Other, LGBT Romance, Vampire Romance

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