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Cloak Games: Frost Fever - Jonathan Moeller

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Cloak Games: Frost Fever - Jonathan Moeller

epub | 7.56 MB | English | | Author: Jonathan Moeller | Year: 2024

About ebook: Cloak Games: Frost Fever

I want freedom, and I want power.

Unfortunately for me, I have little enough of either.

To make matters worse, my baby brother Russell is dying of a rare magical disease, and the only one who can cure him is the cruel Elven archmage Morvilind.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Morvilind demands a steep price for his cures.

Specifically, he wants me to steal treasures for him, and this time he's sent me to steal a priceless relic from the ambassador of the frost giants.

And the frost giants never forget a grudge...

Category:Science Fiction & Fantasy, Alternate Realities - Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Other Fantasy Fiction Categories, Alternate History, Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy - Other

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