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Steel Design Module 1 - Ansi/aisc 360-16 Standard - Aulageo

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Steel Design Module 1 - Ansi/aisc 360-16 Standard - Aulageo
Published 7/2024
Created by AulaGEO Academy
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 10 Lectures ( 45m ) | Size: 335 MB

Introduction to Structural Analysis and Design in Steel

What you'll learn:
Handling and interpretation of the ANSI/AISC 360-16 standard
Identification of results in ETABS software
Learning to use spreadsheet software in MATLAB
Execution of a real project in Steel, with Special Moment Frames (SMF)
You don't need experience as a Structural Engineer, you will learn everything here!!
The software used will help validate the exercises
Module Summary: Welcome to Module 1 of our Structural Steel Specialization Course. This module lays the foundation for understanding and analyzing steel structures, focusing on special moment frames and the critical aspects of flexural and shear design. Throughout this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of various types of buckling in steel members and learn essential concepts for effective structural design.Objective: The primary objective of this module is to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of structural steel analysis and design. By the end of this module, you will be able to classify flexural members, understand and analyze different types of buckling, and perform shear design of steel sections. This knowledge will be crucial for advanced structural analysis and design in subsequent modules. #AulaGEOTarget Audience: This module is ideal for:Aspiring structural engineers seeking a solid foundation in steel design.Civil engineering students and graduates aiming to specialize in structural steel analysis.Professionals in the construction and infrastructure sectors wanting to enhance their knowledge of steel structures.Anyone with a basic understanding of engineering principles who wishes to delve into the specifics of steel structural analysis.Module Content: Introduction to Structural SteelLecture 1: Introduction to Structural SteelOverview of special moment frames.Key principles of structural analysis in steel.Lecture 2: Introduction to Flexural Members and Shear Design in Steel StructuresBasic concepts of flexural members.Introduction to shear design in steel structures.Understanding Flexural MembersLecture 3: Flexural MembersDetailed study of flexural members in steel structures.Section classification and its importance in design.Local Buckling in Steel StructuresLecture 4: Local Buckling in Flexural Members: Flange and Web AnalysisUnderstanding local buckling in flexural members.Analysis of flange and web for buckling.Lecture 5: Understanding Local Buckling in Flexural Members: Web and Flange AnalysisIn-depth analysis of web and flange buckling.Methods to prevent local buckling in steel structures.Lateral Torsional BucklingLecture 6: Understanding and Preventing Lateral Torsional Buckling in Steel BeamsIntroduction to lateral torsional buckling.Prevention techniques for lateral torsional buckling.Lecture 7: Understanding Lateral Torsional Buckling: Cb Value and its ImpactRole of the Cb value in lateral torsional buckling.Impact of Cb on the stability of steel beams.Lecture 8: Calculating the Plastic Moment and Nominal Bending ResistanceCalculation methods for plastic moment.Determining nominal bending resistance in steel beams.Lecture 9: Understanding the Cb Factor in Lateral Torsional BucklingDetailed analysis of the Cb factor.How Cb influences lateral torsional buckling.Shear Design and Final AssessmentLecture 10: Shear Design of I-shaped SectionsComprehensive shear design for I-shaped steel sections.Key considerations for shear design.Module 1 ExamAssessment to evaluate understanding and application of concepts covered in Module 1.Enroll now to build a strong foundation in structural steel analysis and design, setting the stage for more advanced topics in structural engineering!
Who this course is for:
Civil Engineers
BIM Modelers
Structural Engineers
Students of engineering, architecture

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