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Nutrition Masterclass: Simple 90/10 Formula For Results

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Nutrition Masterclass: Simple 90/10 Formula For Results
Published 7/2024
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Learn the 10% that gets you 90% of the Results
What you'll learn
Understand Calories and Macros
Learn how to lose weight and gain muscle optimally
Understand how supplements work
Identify myths and truths when it comes to nutrition and fitness
No requirements to take this course
The Nutrition Masterclass is for ANYONE who wants to take their nutrition and fitness to the next level but is unsure how to do it. Let me simplify the "complex" process of dieting, supplements, macros, and getting results. I show you the the 10% you actually need to know to get 90% of the results. The fitness industry tries to make fitness complicated so that they can keep selling you the same thing over and over under a different name. I demystify all of that to show you no matter what limits you have on time or your starting point, it's all simple to achieve. I've got over 14 years experience doing personal training, and am not blessed with naturally good fitness genetics. I understand people's sticking points from years of training, and actually had to teach myself from the ground up to do it. Plus I'm also a standup comedian so I might sometimes even be kind of entertaining in the process.  CURRICULUM INCLUDES:1. Fitness Myths Debunked2. Diets 1013. Calories/How Much You Should Eat4. Carbs5. Fat6. Protein7.Macros9. Fit VS Fat9. Fat VS Muscle11. Supplements12. Habit Stacking13. Printable PDF"s (Fast Food Cheat sheet, Shopping Lists. and More)30-day 100% money-back guarantee
Who this course is for
Beginners and Intermediate

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