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Organisze Your Canva Designs | Learn To Organize With Ursula

0nelove Ebooks & Tutorials 11 Jul 2024, 00:50 0
Organisze Your Canva Designs | Learn To Organize With Ursula
Published 7/2024
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Organize your Canva Designs and keep them at your FINGERTIPS with a Digital Organizational Expert
What you'll learn
How to easily find all their Canva designs
How to organize all their designs in a way that works for them
How to manage their social media and other designed content
How to use templates to create designs for Instagram
Having a Canva account, either free or pro and creating Canva designs and documents on a computer.
Does wasting time frustrate you?Are you tired of the time-wasting and the frustration of searching for your Canva designs? If this is you and you are here, then you are in the right place and ready to learn how to get organized, so let's go!What to expect?Getting organized and learning how to organize your Canva workspace and designs is easier than you may think it is. I share my screen and use follow-along videos to teach the principles and I provide practical examples. Because you don't have a lot of time, this course is short and will teach you in under an hour, how to organize your Canva designs and workspace. This will eliminate heaps of future time-wasting and frustration for you.This course works for both the pro and the free versions of Canva because I will teach you basic principles to apply. Once you've learnt them, you will be able to apply them to any other digital organizing you need to do.Once you've completed the course, you will:Have a framework for creating and managing your own folder structures.Know how to create and use your own naming conventions to organize your designs in your preferred order.Have the basic principles for organizing your designs for maximum efficiency.Know how to use designs and creating your own templates.Know how to manage your designs, which is different to using them.I have included some extras that deal with managing your uploads and starring folders and templates.I have also included some useful Instagram templates for reels and posts, showing you how to use the guides so that your posts and reels will display at their best in Instagram. There is also a lesson which teaches you how and where to save your own brand templates. I really hope you're excited about getting your designs organized and eliminating the frustration and time-wasting that goes with losing them!Who is this course for?Business owners who have realized how much time they waste looking for Canva designs and other electronic files.Anyone who is tired of not being able to find a Canva design quickly, when they know they have already made it.Creatives who are over having to re-create their content because they don't know where it's gone.Anyone who uses Canva to create social media content, presentations, booklets, or any other designed documentation and struggles to find them.PS: The course is called OrganiSZe Your Canva Designs because I'm from New Zealand where we spell organise using 's' and in America they use a 'z' and I was not going to fight the spelling! I have trademarked a number of variations!
Who this course is for
Canva users who struggle to keep their designs in order or finding designs they have created.

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