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Itpro.Tv - Python Programming Essentials

0nelove Ebooks & Tutorials 11 Jul 2024, 00:52 0
Itpro.Tv - Python Programming Essentials
Justin Dennison, Daniel Lowrie | Duration: 6:19 h | Video: H264 1280x718 | Audio: AAC 44,1 kHz 2ch | 1,66 GB | Language: English

Dive into the fundamentals of Python programming with this comprehensive course designed for beginners and aspiring developers. Starting with an overview of Python's versatility and ease of use, you'll learn how to set up Python on your system, establishing a solid foundation for your programming journey.
Initial modules guide you through using Python for simple tasks and decision-making processes, essential for many applications. You'll explore the power of functions, learning to write reusable code to simplify complex problems, and delve into iterations, covering loops and their role in automating repetitive tasks.
As you progress, you'll master Python's handling of strings and various data structures, including lists, dictionaries, and tuples. Practical exercises will reinforce your learning, ensuring you can apply these concepts in real-world scenarios.
In the latter part of the course, you'll learn to manipulate files using Python, a crucial skill for any developer. The course also covers essential standard library functions, providing tools to extend Python's functionality effortlessly. The final module ties everything together with a capstone project that integrates all the learned concepts. By the end, you'll be proficient in Python programming, ready to tackle diverse coding challenges.
What you will learn
• Set up and configure Python on your system.
• Use Python for basic tasks and decision making.
• Write and utilize functions for reusable code.
• Implement iterations to automate repetitive tasks.
• Manipulate strings and use data structures like lists, dictionaries, and tuples.
• Perform file manipulation operations.

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